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We offer a wide variety of legal and tax services connected to the private banking industry like trusts, family foundations, off-shore companies, fiduciary services, frozen accounts, international legal assistance in criminal and civil matters, litigation and settlement negotiation with your bank, anti-money-laundering, international succession cases, probates, debt collection, tax-efficient fee collection, international taxation, support for fraud victims. We know how to save taxes and preserve bank secrecy. We verify carefully your account documentation deposited in your bank and we fight for your rights and your bank secrecy. We assist international bank clients, other lawyers and professionals from abroad.


Swiss Bank Introduction Services and Account Opening

Are you looking for a personal contact within a Swiss bank? Use our intimate knowledge and connections to Swiss bankers. Let yourself be introduced to a Swiss bank by somebody they trust. We select the right bank – tailor-made to your (latent) needs. We can make sure that your account-opening is quick and straightforward. We prepare the right strategy for the meeting with your banker. We will select for you the most outperforming asset managers and provide family office services. We know the right banks still preserving bank secrecy.


Your own Swiss Asset Management Company

Are you domiciled outside of Switzerland but want to run your own Swiss asset management company? Contact us and benefit from our full service package. We take care of all procedures required by the Swiss regulator. We apply for your asset management or your banking license. We know the (latent) needs of asset managers. We run your company and act as compliance officer and director in your Swiss asset management company at reasonable prices. You can benefit from our excellent network to regulators and bankers.


Your Domicile in Switzerland

Enjoy one of the best living standards in the world. We can help you to become a Swiss resident. Contact us to retire or to relocate your business to Switzerland. Let us negotiate the lump-sum taxation for you, like other celebrities living in Switzerland have done.

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